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LVL Lashes

If you wish to achieve luscious, thick and dark eyelashes without make up and eyelash extensions, this is now totally possible. A lash lift opens up your eyes and adds length and body to your lashes.

  • First, your lash therapist places cotton pads over your lower eyelids then curved silicon pads are placed over your upper eyelid.
  • A bonding solution is then brushed over the eyelashes, pushing them against the curved silicon pad.
  • Next, your therapist checks for clumping and ensures that each of your lashes is equally spaced.
  • Then a perming solution is applied and left to process for around ten minutes.
  • After that, the solution is removed and a neutralizer solution is applied and left to process.
  • Next, your therapist removes your lashes from the silicon pad using a moist cotton swab and cleans your eyelids.

A lash lift is a perfect treatment to make your lashes flutter and shine.

PLEASE NOTE: Allergy patch test required a minimum of 24hrs before your appoitment.